Community Bank Launches LevelUp Mobile Payments 

Dec. 6, 2012

First Trade Union Bank (FTUB), a Boston-based community bank, yesterday revealed it has partnered with LevelUp to create a custom-branded mobile payment app for its customers. LevelUp, also based in Boston, will link the mobile app to FTUB debit cards and will serve up offers from LevelUp’s merchant partners to the bank’s customers.

“Smart banks like First Trade Union Bank are realizing that mobile payments will become just as big of a part of their business model as mobile banking apps themselves,” said Seth Priebatsch, “chief ninja” of LevelUp. “By developing a custom app with LevelUp, First Trade is, in one fell swoop, tying the bank even more closely to local businesses and creating additional savings and convenience for customers that meshes perfectly with their mobile lifestyles.”

LevelUp announced in September it would begin customizing its solution for merchants on a white-label basis.