Commerce Guys Offers PayLeap Gateway for Drupal Merchants 

Aug. 16, 2012

Commerce Guys, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based e-commerce solutions provider, announced last week it has partnered with PayLeap to provide an online payment gateway for merchants using Drupal Commerce. Drupal provides free, open-source software for building Websites. According to its Wikipedia entry, more than 2 percent of Websites in the world use Drupal as their back-end system including government Websites in the U.S. ( and Britain (

While Drupal Commerce is used to power large enterprises, Commerce Guys has adapted it to enable small and midsize businesses to take advantage of the Drupal philosophy, according to Mike O’Connor, president of Commerce Guys North America.

“Drupal Commerce is evolving as a platform,” O’Connor told when we caught up with him at the eTail East conference in Boston yesterday. “It has a lot of support from enterprise users, but being open source it’s available to everybody and we’re bridging that gap at Commerce Guys to make Drupal Commerce a solution that’s available to everybody and that works for everybody.”

O’Connor said Commerce Guys will leverage PayLeap’s platform to provide fraud prevention, end-to-end encryption, tokenization and secure vault storage with cost-effective payment processing for its merchants using Drupal’s Commerce Kickstart in the U.S. and Canada.