May 18-21 Caribe Royale Orlando Adds Industry Vet as 'Voice of the Merchant' Adds Industry Vet as ‘Voice of the Merchant’ is proud to announce a new addition to its team with deep expertise in card-not-present payments and fraud prevention from the merchants' point of view. Karisse Hendrick joins the staff as Editor-at-Large and will contribute content and thought leadership to the CNP Report and the CNP Expo, with the wants and needs of merchants firmly in mind.

Hendrick has spent nearly a decade building successful antifraud programs for merchants while advising and educating them on strategies to beat fraud in the online and other card-not-present channels. She comes to from the Merchant Risk Council, where she gained a reputation as a fierce advocate for merchants in her role as the MRC's program manager for the Americas and in-house industry expert. She worked closely with leading merchants, developing proprietary training programs, shaping content for the group's annual conference, writing articles on news and best practices and representing merchant interests with the major card brands and federal law enforcement.

"Our entire purpose here at is to make sure e-commerce and omnichannel merchants have the information they need to overcome their payments challenges and thrive," said Steve Casco, CEO of and the CNP Expo. "Karisse has been exactly where our merchant readers are: in the trenches trying to figure out a way to protect themselves every day and gain any edge they can to sell more in an e-commerce environment that is exploding. She's won their respect as someone who has been in the arena and can be counted on to speak for them. We're fired up to have her onboard as our 'voice of the merchant'."

Hendrick was in a position at the MRC to credibly advise and represent merchants because early in her career, she was one. She built and managed her own fraud and payments department for an online high-end retail rental company where she created an in-house fraud prevention solution that lowered the overall fraud rate by 97 percent in 18 months.  As an industry consultant, she also has worked on special projects like building an innovative fraud chargeback process for Expedia and creating the foundation for a fraud and chargeback program for a popular online marketplace. 

"I admire's drive and clear direction," said Hendrick. "It's the perfect platform for me to provide the voice of a merchant to articles and conference content at the CNP Expo. I look forward to contributing to the positive impact the publication has on our industry." 

Hendrick can be reached at

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