May 19-22 Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate

5th Keynote Announced: Jeff Thorness - Omnichannel: More than a Buzzword

5th and Final KeynoteJeff Thorness is the founder and CEO of payment technology company Forte Payment Systems. Thorness, who achieved hard-won payments experience as a developer before building Forte from the ground up, will speak to CNP Expo attendees on one of the company's guiding philosophies: treating mobile, e-commerce and in-store locations as separate sales channels is no longer a viable model. Merchants that cannot successfully weave the digital and physical channels into a comprehensive whole risk forfeiting the synergies they can provide in the form of actionable data before, during and after a sale.

Under Thorness' direction, Forte provides payment processing services to more than 27,000 merchants and processed over $16 billion in Web, retail and mobile payments in 2013. The omnichannel provider has also been featured on the Inc. 5000 list for the last six consecutive years. CEO to Keynote 2014 CNP Expo CEO Keynote 2014 CNP ExpoGreg Selkoe, founder and CEO of, will deliver a keynote address at the 2014 CNP Expo in May. Selkoe, 36, founded the e-commerce retailer in 2000 and it has grown to become the largest online provider of streetwear in the world.

Inspired by the "verge culture" around hip-hop, skateboarding and urban style, Selkoe founded to provide universal access to streetwear brands that were difficult to find in most places. By leveraging a pure e-commerce model he was able to build a cutting-edge—but niche—concept into a $200 million juggernaut with a fiercely loyal customer base.

Selkoe has grown Karmaloop Inc. to comprise several other websites including,, and five private-label clothing brands. Karmaloop sites account for more than 8 million unique visitors per month. Selkoe is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.

Security Watchdog Krebs to Headline The 2014 CNP Expo

Security Watchdog Krebs to Headline 2014 CNP ExpoBrian Krebs, the investigative journalist responsible for first revealing to the world news of the recent security breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael’s, will deliver a keynote address at the CNP Expo. Krebs has leveraged an incredible network of sources in the payments, financial and technology industries to consistently be the first to report on news of massive security failures—some of which evaded detection for months—that recently have been concentrated at high-profile retailers.

Krebs will keynote the 2014 CNP Expo to detail for attendees the current state of security and what retailers and payment providers can expect in the future that could affect their ability to serve their customers.

“In the exploding e-commerce space, security is top of mind these days and Brian Krebs is the reason why,” said Steven Casco, CEO of and the CNP Expo. “Brian is one of the very few people card-not-present companies can listen to for a complete picture of what they’re up against. Having him at the CNP Expo is the latest example of how attuned we are with the challenges of the moment and delivering content merchants and payment providers can use to truly help their businesses.”

‘Queen of Tween’ to Deliver 2014 CNP Expo Keynote

How do you get 5-12 year old girls to pay attention to anything for a half hour? In a keynote address at the 2014 CNP Expo in Orlando this May, Sarah McIlroy will let the audience in on her secret. By engaging and empowering young girls and creating a sense of community, McIlroy built FashionPlaytes and into an online tween powerhouse. The site, which lets girls design their own clothes and accessories and interact with each other at the same time, has more than a million members who spend around 30 minutes on the site multiple times a week.

McIlroy has been named the first of four keynote speakers who will address the entire audience at this year’s CNP Expo. Recently named one of L’Oreal’s Top 5 Women in Digital, McIlroy said engagement and empowerment are the characteristics that make e-commerce memorable and effective.

“Today, e-commerce is so much more than selling product,” she said. “It’s about empowering and engaging the next generation of consumers through the convergence of community, content and commerce. When companies not only listen to their customers but empower them to influence product design and development, it can be a winning scenario.”

Three more keynote speakers will be added to the program in the weeks ahead. The 2014 CNP Expo will take place on May 19-22, 2014 at the Omni Orlando Resort in ChampionsGate, Fla. For more information on attending or sponsoring, visit Early-bird rates to attend the show ($450 for merchants, $950 for vendors) expire on Feb. 7.

The 2014 Mobile Survey

The star of our 4th keynote address is perhaps the biggest survey ever undertaken focused entirely on fraud and the mobile channel.

Presented by, Kount and The Fraud Practice, Mobile Survey 2014 polled 2,000 respondents—more than 1,000 of them merchants— highlighting the growth, opportunity, obstacles, preferences and priorities of merchants, service providers, acquirers, card associations and issuers operating in the mobile channel.

A comprehensive look at the results will be presented by Don Bush, VP of Marketing for Kount, and David Montague, President of The Fraud Practice.



News and Notes from the 2013 CNP Expo

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Ralph Dangelmaier

This week, Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap sat down to talk about some of the techniques merchants are using to optimize conversion including enabling checkout anywhere on an e-commerce site, offering local currencies and payment methods and making innovative offers at checkout.

The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series is presented by Jumio

CNP Expo Video Interviews: George Peabody

This week, our interview series continues with George Peabody, senior director at Glenbrook Partners. Peabody takes a look at card-not-present trends including the challenges faced by smaller e-commerce merchants trying to reduce processing costs.

The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series is presented by Jumio

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Rajesh Ramanand

Our interview series continues with Raj Ramanand, co-founder and CEO of Signifyd. At this year's CNP Expo, Ramanand sat down with us for a look at how Big Data and advanced analytics are affecting payments and card-not-present risk.

The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series is presented by Jumio

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Peter Caparso

This week, Peter Caparso, president of Adyen North America, discusses the globalization of e-commerce and the need for local intelligence to efficiently expand and serve cross-border markets.

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Jim Rice

The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series is presented by Jumio

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Phil Levy

Phil Levy, vice president of e-commerce solutions for First Data, discusses metatrends in card not present payments and e-commerce including omnichannel retailing, global expansion and balancing risk with opportunity.

The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series is presented by Jumio

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Alex Algard

Alex Algard, CEO of White Pages, talks about the evolution of his company from an online directory-assistance service to an antifraud technology company and the challenges involved in structuring massive amounts of data to form a coherent picture of e-commerce fraud.

The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series is presented by Jumio

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Terry Dooley

SHAZAM's Terry Dooley talks about how mobile payments need true interoperability to serve consumers and how security remains a concern for mobile adoption.

The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series is presented by Jumio

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Michael Roche

Cardinal Commerce's Mike Roche talks about how the coming migration to EMV will affect consumer behavior and authentication online.

The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series is presented by Jumio

Watch David Montague, founder and president of The Fraud Practice discuss the main barriers to international expansion. Watch David Birch, global ambassador for Consult Hyperion discuss the international e-commerce space & CNP fraud.

Video coverage made possible thanks to Payvision

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Part 2

Video coverage made possible thanks to Payvision

CNP Expo Video Interviews: Part 1

Our post-expo coverage continues with the first installment of a series of video interviews from the floor of the 2013 CNP Expo. We partnered with mobile authentication company (and CNP Award winner for Best Mobile Solution) Jumio to bring you The Mobile Payments and Identity Influencer Series, presented by Jumio.

The first edition is a highlight package featuring some of the most noted executives in the card-not-present space, including: Michael Roche, vice president, Cardinal Commerce; Rajesh Ramanand, CEO of Signifyd; Phil Levy, vice president of e-commerce solutions for First Data; Alex Algard, CEO of WhitePages PRO; Peter Caparso, president of North America for Adyen; Jim Rice, director of market planning for Retail and E-Commerce Markets for LexisNexis; Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap; George Peabody, senior director for Glenbrook Partners; and Terry Dooley, CIO of SHAZAM.

This highlight is just a taste. Stay tuned to for individual interviews with the executives listed above and others.

CNP Expo: Leveraging Digital Wallets - May 23, 2013
As digital wallet technology evolves, merchants are looking at ways to apply this technology across different channels.

CNP Expo: EMV Leaves CNP Out in the Cold - May 23, 2013
The consensus of the panel was that though EMV implementation is good for many reasons, chips alone will not be enough to prevent the majority of card fraud.

CNP Expo: Authorization Recycling Boosts Profit for Subscription Billers - May 23, 2013
Making an extra attempt to authorize a card payment can result in extra profit, a panel of experts told a conference audience comprised mostly of merchants.

CNP Expo: In-App Payments All About Customer Experience - May 22, 2013
In-app payments can be an amazing experience for the customer, but they are not without their challenges.

CNP Expo: 3D Secure Making a Comeback? - May 22, 2013
Merchants avoided it due to the cost and customer friction, but with fears of new kinds of vulnerabilities, merchants and providers are taking another look.

CNP Expo: Social Media’s Growing Role in Fraud Prevention - May
Customers themselves now (unwittingly) provide the information that helps determine the credibility of a transaction through their digital footprints.

CNP Expo: Danger of ‘Over-Reactive’ Legislation in Payments - May 22, 2013
The intersection of government policy and innovation could result in regulations being made by lawmakers who do not fully understand the emerging mobile payment industry.

CNP Expo: Tackling PCI Compliance - May 22, 2013
Businesses leveraging the cloud for payments will have options when setting up security but panelists warned companies to be careful choosing partners.

CNP Expo: Study Finds Mobile is Now…For Some - May 22, 2013
Overall, respondents believe mobile revenue will grow substantially, but projections about how much and how they are addressing fraud in the channel vary substantially.

Attendees Crawl the Hall with Zane Lamprey at the CNP Expo - May 22, 2013
The host of comedy drinking shows Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy was the emcee of the CNP Expo’s Exhibit Hall Crawl.

CNP Expo: PSPs on the Rise - May 21, 2013
Some 150 PSPs are now in operation, including disruptive players like Square that are capturing a target market of young business people who have been overlooked by traditional financial institutions.

CNP Expo: Call Center Upgrades Can Significantly Reduce Agent Fraud - May 21, 2013
As online transactions become more common, call-center security must become more sophisticated to foil more sophisticated thieves.

CNP Expo: Want to Sell in Brazil? ‘Fasten Your Seatbelt’ - May 21, 2013
Although Brazil has many restrictions both in terms of shipping merchandise in and getting payments out, it is the fifth-largest e-commerce economy in the world—and it’s still growing.

CNP Expo: Unique Fraud Challenges for Digital Goods Retailers - May 21, 2013
For digital merchants, turning away legitimate business through fraud prevention measures is riskier to the life of their business than allowing a few fraudulent transactions, but fraud prevention remains a priority, since customer account takeovers and a high volume of fraud can close down a merchant site

CNP Expo: Taking Fraud Prevention to the Next Level - May 21, 2013
A by-product of the race to get into mobile, is that time may not be taken to think about some of the dangers that can contribute to fraud.

CNP Expo: Recurring Billers Face Challenges - May 21, 2013
Merchants that want to leverage a subscription model face challenges that were explored Tuesday in a panel discussion at the CNP Expo.

BlueSnap Launches E-Commerce Payment Solution at CNP Expo - May 20, 2013
The Waltham, Mass.-based e-commerce payments provider today launched SnapConsole, which it calls a management console that lets merchants start selling online quickly.

CNP Expo: Prepaid Card Fraud and CNP - May 23, 2013
As the unbanked population grows and they turn to prepaid for electronic transactions, merchants who refuse these cards could lose sales and profits in the future.

CNP Expo: Hone Your Basic Fraud-Fighting Skills - May 23, 2013
Although more sophisticated techniques are constantly being developed, time-tested techniques to fight fraud can be a less costly, yet still effective, alternative.

CNP Expo: CNP Efforts Vital to Omnichannel Strategy - May 23, 2013
Until recently, shopping and paying have been two separate activities for these merchants, but the advent of online shopping, mobile self-pay apps, and mobile POS platforms has changed that.

CNP Expo: Where to Expand After BRIC - May 22, 2013
The list is long but some obvious plays are Mexico, South Korea, The U.K., Canada, Australia, Belgium and Poland.

2013 CNP Award Winners Revealed - May 22, 2013
Seventeen card-not-present service providers took home 18 awards in nine different categories in the 2013 CNP Awards.

CNP Expo: Payments Has Its Head in the Clouds - May 22, 2013
Panelists said the cloud is a conduit that will enable more—and more innovative—options that will revolutionize payments.

CNP Expo: Choosing a Processor - May 22, 2013
Panelists at a Wednesday afternoon session of the 2013 CNP Expo agreed that merchants should evaluate their payment methods and service providers often, especially as they grow.

CNP Expo: Optimizing Online Donations - May 22, 2013
Online giving is growing, but what are the challenges in soliciting online donations?

CNP Expo: How to Be BFFs With Your Customers - May 22, 2013
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of social media platforms and networks out there. Where to start? According to our panel, the answer is: it depends.

CNP Expo: Don’t Get Burned by Friendly Fraud - May 22, 2013
A Wednesday morning panel said the first step in managing chargebacks is understanding their root cause and recognizing the difference between friendly fraud and criminal fraud.

CNP Expo: Online Marketing and Payments Come Together - May 22, 2013
A Wednesday morning session at the 2013 CNP Expo focused on the role of a merchant’s Website in their online marketing strategy.

CNP Expo: Mobile Payments Solutions MUST Include Loyalty and Rewards - May 22, 2013
Panelists at the CNP Expo agreed: Value-added programs are absolutely necessary for establishing mobile payment options.

CNP Expo: Consumers Get More Comfortable with Debit Online - May 21, 2013
Panelists said because consumers are used to giving their PIN when asked—at the ATM or POS—most feel secure using it when asked online.

CNP Expo: Predicting a Mobile Technology Winner - May 21, 2013
As smartphones become more widespread, the number of mobile wallet apps is becoming more prolific as well. But which version of mobile wallet technology will move forward?

CNP Expo: Payments Strategy Requires Prioritization, Adaptability - May 21, 2013
For retailers that operate in the card-not-present space, articulating a coherent strategy governing how payments fit into the company’s overall strategy is becoming increasingly important.

CNP Expo: Direct-Carrier Billing in the Crosshairs - May 21, 2013
Panelists said higher conversion rates and increased ROI on marketing initiatives makes direct-carrier billing worth the cost.

‘UnThink’ at the CNP Expo - May 21, 2013
Artist Erik Wahl opened this year’s event with a keynote address that explored how creativity has become the “new corporate capital.”

CNP Expo Kicks Off with Full House at Boot Camp - May 20, 2013
The new addition to the CNP Expo this year and it drew significantly more attendees than expected.