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Prevent & Prepare: Addressing Network Security in a New Reality

Register TodayParaphrasing former White House Security Czar Richard Clarke, there are two kinds of companies: those that have been breached already and those that will be. While it is important to focus on preventing cyberattacks, it is also important have a solid plan in place if the worst does happen.

Join our panel of experts—including Doug Meal, partner at Ropes & Gray LLP, who advised Target, Sony, Neiman Marcus, Heartland and others in the most highly publicized security breaches of the past few years—as it details the steps every company should take before and after a major data breach.

  • Learn about various intrusions and attacks and how to work with your IT security department and others to ensure that all points of entry are being secured
  • In the event your company does get breached, hear how educating and preparing across departments will minimize panic and mistakes

Call Center Fraud Panel

As companies start to pay more attention to securing their Websites, their call centers are becoming more vulnerable. Our panel of experts explores how PCI rules increasingly apply to your call center and the steps every merchants needs to take to address this weakness in their compliance regime.

  • Learn how social engineering and other strategies are increasing the amount of fraud coming through call centers and exposing them as a weak link in a company’s security posture
  • Experts will discuss technology available to recognize and reduce criminal threats--both internal and external, simplify PCI compliance, reduce your PCI scope and truly strengthen a company’s overall security and exposure to fraud


Bitcoin Session Panel

Register TodayBeyond the hype, what is it, how does it work, and why would you consider accepting it as a form of payment for your business?

  • Hear from marquee merchants who are actively accepting bitcoin; why it was implemented, their overall experience and if this payment method has been a revenue generator.
  • Learn from experts on the steps for implementation along with both the benefits and challenges of accepting a cryptocurrency.
  • Discuss bitcoin fraud: Does it exist? How does fraud impact merchants?

Bust the Bad Guys Panel

Increasingly, fighting fraud in e-commerce means implementing sophisticated technology to identify fraudulent transactions and reject them. But what if more merchants closed the loop by initiating actual police investigations and helping to put away the bad guys?

  • Discover how strong fraud-detection technology, combined with quick response to criminal activity, helps e-commerce and omnichannel merchants send a strong message to fraudsters to steer clear.
  • Learn how to get the police involved, reduce your e-commerce fraud and let the criminals know you won’t be an easy target.

ROI Panel

Register TodaySometimes, payments and fraud departments feel like they are not properly valued within their organizations. Our panel of merchants discusses how to raise your profile within and your importance to your company.

  • Hear how other merchants have quantified their value within their own company, ensuring they receive the resources they need to protect their organization’s bottom line
  • Learn effective techniques to communicate that value and raise your unit’s stature within your company

Trent Voigt


Will History Repeat Itself? - Can the U.S. and Europe learn enough from each other to avoid the mistakes each region has made in their payments evolution? With its EMV migration, the U.S. is about to face the hard reality of CNP fraud that exploded in Europe after their move to EMV. And in the EU, the acquiring environment is shaking out now like the heady days of the 1980s and 90s in the U.S.

In a keynote address at the CNP Expo, Trent Voigt, CEO of payments processor JetPay, will discuss how the experiences endured by businesses on opposite sides of the Atlantic can be leveraged by each of these regions to avoid some of the mistakes made in the past. Voigt discusses how Europe dealt with the surge in fraud that followed the implementation of Chip and PIN. And, for EU businesses, the lessons U.S. companies can share as the “wild west” in acquiring came to an end.

Register TodayAnd, after the lessons are learned, how can companies that want to expand internationally, maximize their opportunity on both sides of the ocean.

Ralph Dangelmaier


Register Today2015: The Year of Experimentation - Remember the good times you had “experimenting” in college? Ok, maybe they’re a little hazy, but BlueSnap CEO Ralph Dangelmaier believes this is the year for your company to experiment with payments like you’re back in college. Join Ralph and Editor-in-Chief D.J. Murphy for a freewheeling keynote discussion at the CNP Expo where he will explain why 2015 is the year to go a little wild with payments.

What will you experiment with?

  • Cross-border e-commerce
  • Omnichannel
  • Apple Pay and Mobile Payments
  • Beacons, Social Payments and other emerging technologies

Pioneering Merchants Lead the Way at the CNP Expo

Hot e-commerce startups Instacart, Rent the Runway top list of CNP Expo keynotes

Feb. 16, 2015, Newburyport, Mass. – When a company is leading the way in a new category, the investment community sits up, takes notice and backs up its interest with capital. The CNP Expo today announced not one, but two of the hottest e-commerce startups in the U.S. will headline its speaking program at this year’s event. Between them, Instacart and Rent the Runway have raised nearly $300 million since December. Each is using new models to tackle challenging verticals in e-commerce and both will tell the CNP Expo audience how they are overcoming those challenges.

Instacart is leveraging the online marketplace concept to overcome the staggering logistical challenges of nationwide online grocery ordering and delivery. Rent The Runway is applying the subscription model to a vertical known far better for in-person customization and high price tags: the world of designer fashion.

In his keynote, Instacart’s Head of Business Development & Strategy Nilam Ganenthiran will discuss the company’s vision as it pertains to online marketplaces and how merchants should evaluate the existential risks and accelerating opportunities offered through marketplace partnerships. Ganenthiran discusses implications around branding, data, privacy, financial performance and more.

Jennifer Fleiss, co-founder and head of business development at Rent the Runway, in a separate address will share how the company has turned omnichannel retailing on its head, how it has grown to more than five million members and why subscriptions work—not only for gym memberships and razor blades, but for red-carpet-ready designs too.

“What we value most at the CNP Expo is the opportunity to educate and inspire the card-not-present community and give them the tools to grow their businesses,” said Steven Casco, CEO of and the CNP Expo. “These two companies are blazing a path by applying evolving models to verticals and markets that have, until now, been virtually ignored by e-commerce. The opportunity to learn from Jenny and Nilam should be exciting to any e-commerce merchant looking for an edge.”

The 2015 CNP Expo will take place May 18-21, 2015 at the Caribe Royale Orlando. The venue—a new one this year due to double-digit growth in attendees, exhibitors and sponsors—boasts 50 percent more exhibit-floor space than the 2014 CNP Expo and expanded meeting space to accommodate an expected 1,200 attendees.

Nilam Ganenthiran

CNP Expo Keynote: Rise of the Online Marketplace

Instacart is smoking hot. On the heels of a recent $220 million capital raise and having been named “The Most Promising Company in America” by Forbes, it has taken e-commerce by storm in one of the most difficult product categories imaginable: nationwide grocery delivery. Instacart has attained national attention by leveraging the online marketplace concept—a model that is growing, but still not well understood.

forbesRegister TodayAt the CNP Expo this May, hear Nilam Ganenthiran, Instacart's Head of Business Development & Strategy, discuss the company's vision as it pertains to online marketplaces. How should merchants evaluate the existential risks and accelerating opportunities offered through marketplace partnerships, with implications around branding, data, privacy, financial performance and more... Adds Industry Vet as 'Voice of the Merchant' Adds Industry Vet as ‘Voice of the Merchant’ is proud to announce a new addition to its team with deep expertise in card-not-present payments and fraud prevention from the merchants' point of view. Karisse Hendrick joins the staff as Editor-at-Large and will contribute content and thought leadership to the CNP Report and the CNP Expo, with the wants and needs of merchants firmly in mind.

Hendrick has spent nearly a decade building successful antifraud programs for merchants while advising and educating them on strategies to beat fraud in the online and other card-not-present channels. She comes to from the Merchant Risk Council, where she gained a reputation as a fierce advocate for merchants in her role as the MRC's program manager for the Americas and in-house industry expert. She worked closely with leading merchants, developing proprietary training programs, shaping content for the group's annual conference, writing articles on news and best practices and representing merchant interests with the major card brands and federal law enforcement.

"Our entire purpose here at is to make sure e-commerce and omnichannel merchants have the information they need to overcome their payments challenges and thrive," said Steve Casco, CEO of and the CNP Expo. "Karisse has been exactly where our merchant readers are: in the trenches trying to figure out a way to protect themselves every day and gain any edge they can to sell more in an e-commerce environment that is exploding. She's won their respect as someone who has been in the arena and can be counted on to speak for them. We're fired up to have her onboard as our 'voice of the merchant'."

Hendrick was in a position at the MRC to credibly advise and represent merchants because early in her career, she was one. She built and managed her own fraud and payments department for an online high-end retail rental company where she created an in-house fraud prevention solution that lowered the overall fraud rate by 97 percent in 18 months.  As an industry consultant, she also has worked on special projects like building an innovative fraud chargeback process for Expedia and creating the foundation for a fraud and chargeback program for a popular online marketplace. 

"I admire's drive and clear direction," said Hendrick. "It's the perfect platform for me to provide the voice of a merchant to articles and conference content at the CNP Expo. I look forward to contributing to the positive impact the publication has on our industry." 

Hendrick can be reached at

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