CNP Expo: Who Are You? The State of Authentication

May 22, 2014

CNP Expo: I’m From the Government and I’m here to Help The most dynamic part of online business is authentication, according to panelists at the final session of the 2014 CNP Expo on Thursday. Changes are making it easier for customers to make purchases without handing over excess information. Expedia, for instance, no longer requires customers to open an account to shop on their site, but the company knows who is on the site, according to Roberto Girolami, program manager at the company.

“There’s a lot of monitoring that goes on during the shopping process,” Girolami said. “Only a high-risk customer is required to authenticate.” With improved authentication techniques, businesses can be more open to customers and only require potential fraudsters to provide detailed information. Identifying customers has been helped by new technologies.

“The camera is enabling things that were just not possible a few years ago,” Michael Hagen, IDchecker’s CEO and founder, said during the session. “We think we can bring a new wave of technology to that process.”

Companies now use email addresses to gather information on shoppers. And social media is a powerful source of information to confirm identities.

“We need to have multiple things in place. There is no one thing,” Hagen said.

Panelists agreed that businesses will find ways to quickly clear proven customers and just as quickly identify frauds. “Ultimately,” said moderator Michael Roche of CardinalCommerce, “at the end of the day, we want to know our customers.”