CNP Expo: Tuesday Keynotes Feature Krebs on Security, McIlroy on Community

May 20, 2014

CNP Expo: Tuesday Keynotes Feature Krebs on Security, McIlroy on Community and CNP Expo CEO Steve Casco welcomed a record-breaking crowd of 750 attendees to the first full day of the 3rd annual CNP Expo with a message of growth and engagement. Casco attributed the event’s massive growth since its inception (80 percent per year) to independent, reader-informed content serving an inclusive constituency.

“Our publication grew from 5 beta testers to 14,000 readers in less than four years,” Casco told the first general session of this year’s event this morning. “Our readers are engaged because they help shape the content of the publication and the CNP Expo. And they cover the entire card-not-present ecosystem. Not the banks or the processers or the merchants or the technology providers, but all of those groups. They talked, we listened and look where we’ve come in less than three years.”

Casco then turned the stage over to Sarah McIlroy. The founder of FashionPlaytes, a fashion-design site for tween girls, McIlroy talked about how she used true engagement to build a community of loyal customers. She said her new venture, a custom-jewelry site called, will use many of the same tactics even though the products are aimed at an older demographic. The new company is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign that has raised nearly $20,000 so far. McIlroy, who will make extensive use of Pinterest to build her new audience, shared the stage with social media marketing expert Taylor Hazlehurst.

The main attraction this morning, was investigative journalist Brian Krebs. The former Washington Post computer security reporter started his own publication in 2009 and has since become the most famous name on his beat. His gained international attention this December when he was the first to report on the massive data breach at megaretailer Target.

Krebs shared insight with a packed house on some of the tactics criminals are using to monetize the credit-card information and some advice for retailers that have been breached. Be transparent.

“It’s never been easier to tell if there has been a breach,” he said. “There are thousands of banks in the U.S. and they’re all looking for their pound of flesh from the retailers when there has been a breach. They’re talking to each other to identify breaches and they’re willing to talk to me.”