CNP Expo: Online Marketing in a Mobile Age

May 21, 2014

CNP Expo: Online Marketing in a Mobile Age Building a mobile site? Go low. Not slow.

Panelists in a late afternoon session yesterday on effectively marketing your m-commerce site in a mobile age said quick load times are key. If your mobile message does not load in four seconds, it will be ignored. And, the optimum is even less.

“Two seconds is ideal,” said Taylor Hazlehurst, co-founder and director of the Creative Factory, a company that has pioneered mobile ads.

And, though it seems like a prerequisite, don’t send an email designed to be read only on a large computer screen.

“It’s shocking how many companies are sending out messages that are hard to read on a mobile device,” said Greg Raiz, CEO of Raizlabs and moderator of the panel discussion held at the CNP Expo’s first full day yesterday.

Effective mobile ads often present an immediate offer like a lunch special or a brief sale at a store. And, Raiz said because consumers always have their device in their pocket or purse, call-to-action messages are very effective. New social media sites like Instagram and Vine are especially adept as advertising platforms. Though brief, they are efficient.

“Attention spans are going down every day,” Hazlehurst said. Mobile ads are the newest favorite of millennials, who have a growing share of the nation’s disposable income. “They all want to work out of Starbucks,” she said.

The newest mobile ad technique is geo-targeting, which sends messages to consumers smartphones when they approach an area.

“Your favorite restaurant or store can offer you a deal as you drive by,” Hazlehurst said. “It’s not as creepy as it sounds.”

The panelists also warned about sending unsolicited ads to phones and said even traditional media must be connected to the Internet.

“It’s hard to find a traditional advertisement without an online call to action,” Raiz said.