CNP Expo: Online Marketing and Payments Come Together

May 22, 2013

A Wednesday morning session at the 2013 CNP Expo focused on the role of a merchant’s Website in their online marketing strategy. Kim Figor, director of online marketing for LocalDirective emphasized the need to use your Website to convert browsers to customers. She cautioned against creating a Website and then walking away; rather, she said, “companies need to be continuously testing and optimizing their site to encourage their customers to act.”

Connie Bazos, founder and CEO of THRED Agency, agreed, and added that it is important for companies to work with an IT professional when developing their sites to ensure that they’ll be able to make changes and evolve the site easily and at a reasonable cost going forward. Bazos also stressed the importance of tracking the activity on your Website using software like Google Analytics.

“It’s important to see how people are interacting with your site so that you can see what’s working and what’s not and allocate your budget to make the appropriate changes,” she said. This software can also allow you to track your conversion rate from your social media platforms and online ads.

Amanda Valentino of Annika Brand of Business remarked on the importance of keeping your marketing message authentic, fresh, and value-focused for your customer, both on your Website and in your social media. She recommended that companies “imagine their brand as a person. How would this person speak, what would they wear, how would they behave? That should be your voice in social media and the story you tell with your Website.”