CNP Expo Kicks Off with Full House at Boot Camp

May 20, 2013

The CNP Expo commenced today with a special Boot Camp ahead of the main educational program, which starts tomorrow. The Boot Camp, sponsored and programmed by e-commerce payments pioneer Litle & Co., was a new addition to the CNP Expo this year and it drew significantly more attendees than expected. The surge in attendance shows that merchants still feel the need to acquire a basic understanding of even the most popular payment methods, according to Tom Pouliot, payments evangelist for Litle.

“What it shows is that even accepting credit cards is still a mystery to most merchants,” Pouliot said. “There’s no school you can attend to learn this. There’s no master’s program in bank card. But being able to get together in a room like this and hash out the problems together is a step in the right direction.”

The camp was designed so that merchants could learn the basics of card-not-present payments in a setting that encouraged questions and participation. Expo organizers decided not to allow media coverage of the first day to ensure an environment of unfettered learning.

The CNP Expo’s first full day kicks off tomorrow with a keynote speech from artist, author, entrepreneur and speaker Erik Wahl at 9 a.m.