CNP Expo: Call Center Upgrades Can Significantly Reduce Agent Fraud

May 21, 2013

Call centers often are the heart of an e-commerce operation. However, workers can be mismanaged with heavy-handed techniques that question their honesty and reduce their productivity. According to panelists in a Tuesday afternoon session titled “Call Center Agents: Keep ‘em Honest,” an environment where dishonesty is prevented can improve morale and productivity—important in an area that handles 10 to 15 percent of a company’s business and costs up to $5,000 per desk per year to operate.

As online transactions become more common, call-center security must become more sophisticated to foil more sophisticated thieves. Whether it’s an individual stealing one card number or organized criminals who steal many numbers, companies are liable if they allow a customer’s data to be stolen. Call centers and their networks, however, often are outdated and easy to breach, according to Stu Carty, executive vice president, Americas for semafone.

“I’m always amazed at the age of the call centers,” said Carty, whose software prevents workers from seeing customer information. “They’re still working with green screens. [In any organization], the call center seems to be upgraded last.

Dan Rojas, vice president of IntraNext, agreed, suggesting companies that pay more attention to upgrading call-center technology can benefit from less fraud.

“Reduce where that toxic data lives or is transmitted,” Rojas said.