Canadian Processor Expands to CNP

Nov. 4, 2011

E-Debit Global Corporation said its E-Debit International Inc. unit, a Toronto-based payments processor, has launched the “Smart Grid” secured card not present payment process. The company, which had been focusing on the transition to the EMV standard in Canada, said it has turned its attention to the CNP world. “With the number of payment cards in circulation in Canada currently at 112 million, and expansion of the Canadian card marketplace predicted to reach 124.5 million by 2016, our focus will be to allow fully secured and network accessible payment processing for the “Card Not Present” marketplace,” said Doug MacDonald, president and CEO of E-Debit. “I am excited about the potential that is presently in front of us not only in our historic business lines, but in the card not present payment processing and prepaid, debit and credit business space originating in North America and expanding worldwide.”