Can the Card Brands Protect My Business from Fraud?

Can the Card Brands Protect My Business from Fraud? For e-commerce merchants struggling with fraud and chargebacks, there are a multitude of vendors to turn to. The virtual pages of are chock full of solutions leveraging the very latest technology from machine learning, to big data analytics to biometric authentication methods.

Most security and antifraud experts advise a combination of solutions layered atop each other for merchants to truly mitigate their risk of fraud. But what about merchants who either cannot afford a comprehensive solution or want to keep it simple. Is there anyone a card- not-present merchant can turn to if they don’t want to sift through an expanding universe of providers?

Despite a relationship that can sometimes be characterized as contentious, one place a small (or even not-so-small) business might turn is to the card brands—names at least familiar to all card-not-present merchants. All four of the major card networks at least offer recommendations and advice on their Websites. They also offer tools (some free, some for an extra fee) that merchants accepting their cards can leverage to help control fraud. Here’s a sample of what each can deliver for card-not-present merchants.

American Express

  • Card Identification (CID) verification as part of the authorization in real time.
  • Electronic verification of email, telephone number, address and ZIP code
  • An Enhanced Authorization service that compares transaction elements like IP address, shipping details, etc. to data contained in Amex’s global network for fraudulent patterns
  • If a merchant gets an approval but wants more certainty, Amex’s Charge Verification Group will contact the cardholder to verify the transaction in question
  • Access to Accertify’s comprehensive antifraud solution

Click here for more information about American Express’ fraud prevention resources for merchants


  • Verify+ validates Discover cardholders’ personally identifiable information against the data contained in their database
  • A service Discover provides for issuers and merchants that sends out fraud alerts to Discover cardholders if there is a question of fraud
  • A comprehensive Fraud Prevention Solution that combines these tools

Click here for more information about Discover’s fraud prevention resources for merchants


  • Expert Monitoring System – a fraud-scoring tool that lets merchants obtain a score rating the likelihood a transaction is fraudulent outside of the authorization process
  • AVS and CVC 2 verification
  • MasterCard SecureCode (3DS service)

Click here and here for more information about MasterCard’s fraud prevention resources for merchants


  • AVS and CVC 2 verification
  • Verified by Visa (3DS service)
  • Access to CyberSource and Authorize.Net

Click here for more information about Visa’s fraud prevention resources