Calif. ISO Unveils Chargeback Management System 

Oct. 1, 2012

Meritus Payment Systems, a Santa Ana, Calif.-based ISO, last week released a new chargeback management service it said equips its merchant clients to proactively address the pernicious problem of chargebacks. The company said its Chargeback Management System (CBMS) lets merchants review chargeback reason codes, automatically upload the necessary documentation to fight chargebacks and tap a knowledge base that will enable them to prevent future problems.

“Chargeback Management System was a direct response to feedback from our merchants. Meritus champions a client-first mentality which is why we built a solution that not only helps merchants react, but also educates them,” said Alan Kleinman, principal of Meritus Payment Solutions. “We hope to empower merchants to take a proactive stance against chargebacks and we’ve received very positive feedback on the product.”