Braintree Surpasses $10 Billion in Annual Transaction Volume

July 8, 2013

During the holiday week, mobile and online payments provider Braintree said its payment platform now handles $10 billion in transactions per year and that more than a quarter of that volume originates outside the U.S. The Chicago-based company, which facilitates in-app mobile payments and provides an online gateway service, took the opportunity to announce several new European clients including Denmark’s Click-a-Taxi and Swedish game developer Mojang.

“Every month we are hearing from innovative companies in Europe looking to bring their businesses to market or to expand internationally. To date, they have not had a payment solution that they could count on and they have been desperately looking for a better option,” said Klas Bäck, general manager of International at Braintree. “With Braintree, our customers can focus on doing what they do best—building great products—and leave the payments part to us.”