BluePay Remembers MOTO

June 6, 2011

BluePay , a Chicago area processor, said it offers CNP transaction processing for telephone orders, which have received less emphasis since Internet commerce has exploded over the last decade. Merchants that still deal primarily with Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions, the company said, can continue offering flexible payment solutions for their customers while streamlining the payment process. “Even as the power of the Internet continues to rise, mail order and telephone orders have certainly not become a thing of the past,” said John Rante, CEO at BluePay. “For example, flipping through a catalog and picking up the phone to make a purchase is a safe, familiar and efficient way to shop, especially for individuals who are still hesitant to enter their credit card information through the Internet.” In addition to MOTO credit card processing, other solutions from BluePay include IVR systems, which allow merchants to accept credit cards and customers to pay bills through a touch tone phone; and mobile processing, which allows merchants to accept payments through their mobile phones, wherever they go.