Blue Cava, 192business ‘Fingerprint’ Devices to Reduce CNP Fraud

Sept. 30, 2010

BlueCava, a company that can identify electronic devices, and 192business, a European ID and age verification service, recently announced a strategic partnership to embed BlueCava’s device identification technology into the 192business suite of fraud prevention products. BlueCava said its Device Identification Platform is a patented technology that identifies connected devices and creates a permanent, unique fingerprint for each computing device. The companies will market identity check solutions for massively multiplayer online games (MMOG’s), social networks, online gambling sites, dating sites, and e-commerce companies that wish to “accurately and swiftly detect, block and ban users” who attempt to engage in fraudulent transactions. “We saw a huge advantage in being able to offer our customers device fingerprinting as part of their fraud mitigation process,” said Ian Green, senior vice president at 192business. “Now that our identity check solutions will have a greater focus on the device, our customers will be able to monitor, detect, and identify suspicious activity conducted from any computer—a huge advantage for e-commerce companies tracking hundreds of thousands of new accounts and online orders per day.”