BilltoMobile to Expand Service Globally

May 23, 2011

BilltoMobile, a San Jose, Calif.-based company that enables consumers to bill online purchases to their mobile phone account, said it will be launching its payment service globally next month. The move will offer U.S.-based online digital goods and services merchants the ability to process Web purchases on more than 200 carriers in 60 countries. “The global mobile payments market—and in particular the EU—is still very fragmented, and no one payment company has been able to establish the consistency and clear cut ‘best operations and rates’ globally that BilltoMobile has been able to attain with our Direct Carrier Billing service across the U.S.,” said Jim Greenwell, president and CEO, BilltoMobile. “We decided that a best-in-class partnership approach to this fragmented global market was in the best interest of our merchant partners.” BilltoMobile said it is partnering with mobile payments company Mobile First and will now reach billions more subscribers in the EU, Asia and South America.