BilltoMobile Launches One-Click Purchases for Direct Carrier Billing

Jan. 26, 2012

BilltoMobile, a San Jose, Calif.-based direct carrier billing technology provider, has launched one-click processing for mobile web transactions on its Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) platform. The company said the simplified payment flow makes it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases from their mobile phones without sacrificing security. In a one-screen user flow, a user is asked to accept the carrier’s terms of use via an opt-in check box and then to opt in a second time on the same screen by confirming the exact amount to be charged to the network-identified phone number. “We have been working closely with all of the carriers on this one-click process, and we expect the top four carriers will be providing this same service soon,” said Paris Leung, vice president of Sales at BilltoMobile, “Offering such a simple and easy payment flow for consumers translates directly to higher revenue. We have seen this proven out in other geographic areas of the world. We are very excited to be the first DCB platform in the US to offer one-click mobile web processing.”