BillingTree, ZNAP Offer Mobile Payments to Auto Industry

Jan. 30, 2014

BillingTree, ZNAP Offer Mobile Payments to Auto Industry BillingTree, a Phoenix-based provider of on-demand billing solutions, has partnered with mobile payments platform provider ZNAP to offer auto finance companies the ability to offer mobile payment options to their customers. The BillingTree solution—powered by ZNAP—enables customers to pay their bills by scanning a QR code with their smartphone.

Among the benefits of the solutions is increased customer loyalty. But ongoing digital communications throughout, for example, the duration of a customer’s lease, allows lenders to maximize their revenue in a variety of other ways—referral incentives, automobile trade-in and upsell promotions, and advertisements for extended service plans among them.

According to ZNAP North America CEO Greg Gresh, “Auto finance is a perfect example of an industry where mobile technology offers significant value to businesses with the strategic foresight to recognize and seize these opportunities.” But the suite of solutions carries with it the potential to positively impact other industries, too. “Any type of biller can benefit from regular communications with their consumers,” said BillingTree’s Dave Yohe. “Virtually any industry that has regular payments or wants to increase interactions can use this mobile solution.”