Bemobi Applies Subscription Model to Carrier-Billed App Store

March 10, 2014

Bemobi Applies Subscription Model to Carrier-Billed App Store A Brazilian company called Bemobi has debuted a subscription-based app store concept that will enable Android users to pay a monthly fee for apps on their mobile bills. Bemobi has partnered with several mobile carriers in Brazil and Latin America to offer the service to mobile subscribers. For an additional monthly subscription fee, consumers will have access to high-quality apps through an app store branded by the carrier. Bemobi’s first partnership is with Brazilian carrier Oi.

“In many places in the world, Android app developers face an uphill battle in regards to revenue,” said Pedro Ripper, CEO of Bemobi. “A key factor is the limited penetration of credit cards, which severely restricts initial payments. By offering a strong subscription-based app store, billed to users through their monthly carrier statements, we’ve created a ‘Netflix-style’ service that works extremely well even in countries where credit cards and debit cards are more widely used. The concept circumvents the multiple drawbacks of Google Play and gives developers of high quality Android apps a way to significantly increase their revenue over time.”