Advertisement Brings Women in Payments Together 

By D.J. Murphy, Editor-in-Chief,

Only a few days after a massive blizzard blanketed the northeast United States with up to three feet of snow, a group of professionals navigated the partially plowed streets of Boston to mark the expansion of an organization dedicated to supporting women working in the electronic payments industry. (Women Networking in Electronic Transactions) was founded in 2005 to give women working in the male-dominated payments workforce access to and support from highly successful trailblazing women who had come before them.

W.netThe networking group runs what it calls LINC (Local Interest Network Circle) events in seven geographical regions where payments professionals can gather in person to socialize, network and inspire each other in an environment they might not experience on a daily basis. Since the organization’s genesis, LINCs have sprung up in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Northern California, Phoenix and Texas.

The Boston chapter has been operating for only a month or so, but its recent kickoff event, which drew several dozen women to a local nightspot to network with one another and hear how they could benefit by membership in, suggests the group can take root in that city as deeply as it has elsewhere, according to Savannah Helgeson, manager of strategic partnerships for PCI compliance solutions provider ControlScan and chair of’s Boston LINC.

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