Apple, Payment Providers Launch Apple Pay for Websites

Apple revealed this summer at its World Wide Developer Conference that Apple Pay would be available for Websites before the holidays. On Tuesday, Apple, along with support from various e-commerce platforms and payment processors, made it a reality for merchants that want to offer the online payment method. With this week’s release of iOS 10, the functionality is available for mobile Websites that consumers access via the Safari browser on iPhones and iPads. Apple said next week it will extend the same ability to Mac users with the release of the new operating system for that device. Announcements quickly followed from e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify, mobile-first online payment providers like Stripe and Braintree and traditional payment processors including Vantiv.

While media reports have concentrated on Apple Pay as an in-store payment method, its potential as an online payment method is enormous. In-app online payments have always been possible with Apple Pay, but enabling Apple users to make one-touch payments at mobile Websites and one-click payments from their desktops could drive sales, according to Tony Rose, head of emerging product initiatives for Vantiv. Rose told that the combination of Apple Pay on the Web and Android Pay on mobile Web—which he said will be available at the end of the month—will completely change the adoption curve for those mobile wallets.

“The in-store experience, especially the friction of adoption, has been heavily scrutinized. And, as far as in-app goes, not every merchant can afford an iOS development squad. By making it available on the Web and as easy to adopt as they have, this makes Apple Pay available to almost any online merchant,” he said. “And it’s not just how easy it is for merchants to adopt. How much friction it will remove from the checkout process is game-changing.”

Rose said several Vantiv merchants were part of Apple’s early adopter program for Apple Pay’s Web version and, as word filtered out that the Web version was available, the company has seen a “significant uptick” in the number of merchants interested in adding Apple Pay.