Apple Opens Touch ID to Developers, Payment Apps

June 5, 2014

Apple Opens Touch ID to Developers, Payment Apps This week at its worldwide developer’s conference, Apple quietly announced it is opening its Touch ID to applications beyond unlocking the device and making purchases on iTunes. Developers that want to use the fingerprint pad as a layer of user authentication for any application can now build on the Touch ID API.

At least one mobile payments company already has announced it will leverage Touch ID in its solution. New York City-based CardFlight offers an mPOS solution for merchants that will use Touch ID to authenticate merchants using iPhones to accept card payments. CardFlight’s CEO Derek Webster said Apple’s announcement could be transformative for the mobile payments industry.

Webster said biometric authentication like Touch ID will result in less reliance on user IDs and passwords and that e-commerce will benefit from “faster checkout experiences for purchases made on mobile devices without having to enter details like credit card number, billing address, shipping address, etc.”