Amazon Edges Closer to Flipkart in India

The battle for e-commerce in India is on. Only a week after news broke of eBay, Microsoft and Tencent investing $1.5 billion in Indian e-commerce marketplace Flipkart, a company that tracks mobile app usage is reporting that Amazon has caught up to Flipkart and is threatening to pass it as India’s top online retail site.

Data intelligence firm 7Park Data reported that Flipkart is holding a slim lead in mobile app usage (30.7 percent market share to Amazon’s 30.3 percent), but also notes that Flipkart’s growth in mobile engagement has leveled off while Amazon continues to climb.

E-commerce is set to continue its surge in India, as one group expects the number of online shoppers to grow 45 percent in 2017, reaching 100 million by the end of the year. Another report says India will surpass the U.S. as the world’s second largest e-commerce market within 15 years.

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