Airline and Travel Group to Facebook: Stop Aiding the Spread of Stolen Credit-Card Info

Sept. 23, 2013

Late last week, a company that organizes conferences for the airline and travel industries lashed out at Facebook for what the company says is its role in “facilitating” credit-card fraud. Airline Industries charged that stolen credit-card information, which is largely traded online after it has been obtained through security breaches and other means, is easily available on Facebook and that the social media juggernaut has not done anything about it, despite requests to take specific pages down.

“There are numerous pages on Facebook set up by criminal rings to facilitate and share information about credit-card fraud,” said Jan-Jaap Kramer, CEO of the Dutch fraud-prevention consultancy, FraudGuard. “Many of these pages show all credit-card details like CVC code, expiry code, the PIN code for online payments and personal data of the cardholder including home address, date of birth, social security numbers and more. We have asked Facebook to block these pages, but it takes no action. The result is greater fraud losses for consumers and merchants, ruined credit records and misery trying to sort out fraudulent transactions.”

In its role as an advocate for the airline industry, which it says is one on the main victims of the card-not-present fraud that results from the flood of payment information available online on Facebook and elsewhere, Airline Information said it has called on Facebook to stop facilitating the sharing of fraudulent credit-card information via Facebook pages. The organization also encouraged consumers to contact Facebook and the appropriate government authorities asking them to end the practice.

At the time of publication, Facebook has not returned calls or emails from asking for comment on the situation.