Adyen Expands Acquiring to Australia, Brazil and Hong Kong

Dutch e-commerce acquirer and processor Adyen yesterday announced it has added Australia, Brazil and Hong Kong as markets in which it can operate as an acquirer. This enables merchants to accept transactions from consumers in those countries and process the payments locally, rather than through third parties in each region. Adyen was already able to act as an acquirer in the U.S. and throughout Europe.

“We founded Adyen in order to provide a payments technology which maximizes conversion rates and accelerates expansion for global businesses,” said Adyen’s Chief Commercial Officer Roelant Prins. “The only way to truly achieve this is to retain complete control of the payment, from the moment the customer inserts his card or hits ‘pay,’ to settling the amount in the merchant’s account. Global acquiring is a fundamental part of that process. We don’t do this through acquisition or partnerships; everything that goes on under the hood is 100-percent Adyen.”