Acculynk Enables PIN-Debit Purchases Online for MasterCard Cardholders

July 29, 2010

Acculynk, an Atlanta-based e-commerce security provider, today announced it has partnered with MasterCard to enable online PIN-debit transactions. Acculynk’s PaySecure service enables consumers to use PIN-debit for Internet shopping, providing issuers with another way to validate a cardholder’s identity and decreasing the odds of fraudulent transactions. Enabling PIN-debit purchases benefits issuers, merchants and consumers, according to Danielle Duclos, director of marketing for Acculynk. “For issuers, the added security means a reduction in fraud and chargebacks (and associated costs) and for merchants, security is one aspect, but PaySecure also brings lower fees than signature debit for online transactions.” As for consumers, Duclos says they “understand that a PIN secures their transaction and authenticates that they are making a purchase, not a fraudster.” She also notes that consumers are accustomed to making purchases with a debit card using a PIN at the POS. “You have the familiarity of a payment method that some have been using for over 20 years at the POS,” she says.