By Allison Ward, Account Director, Walker Sands Communications

A Pulse Check on EMV: Measuring Consumer Sentiments and CNP Considerations As of October 2015, the liability deadline passed for U.S. merchants and card processors to adopt Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) standards. Merchants or credit card processors that did not make the switch in time for the deadline are now liable for any point-of-sale fraud losses associated with antiquated magnetic stripe cards. As with any new technology, there’s always a learning curve and some hurdles along the way for both consumer and business adoption. Six months following the EMV liability shift, Walker Sands wanted to examine how consumers are responding to the change, so we surveyed 575 of them to measure sentiment toward new chip cards.

Our study, “ No Easy Move: The Switch to EMV ,” found retailers and card processors have been slower than expected to roll out new card readers, inform customers and thoroughly train staff, leading to some friction with the customer experience. And this friction not only applies to in-store transactions. In many cases, customers have faced obstacles when it comes to CNP transactions, such as recurring billing and online payments.

Here’s an overview of our key findings: