2Checkout Integrates Gateway with Shopify E-Commerce Platform

May 5, 2014

2Checkout Integrates Gateway with Shopify E-Commerce Platform 2Checkout and Shopify last week signed an agreement enabling Shopify merchants to integrate with Columbus, Ohio-based 2Checkout’s online payment gateway for cross-border commerce. Under the partnership, merchants using the Shopify e-commerce platform to power their online stores can sell into 196 countries, using local payment methods. 2Checkout’s current customers also will have access to the Shopify platform, according to the agreement.

“Shopify is the number one cart request that we get here at 2Checkout, so this partnership is a win for both parties,” said Kevin Gallagher, senior vice president of business development at 2Checkout. “With 2Checkout providing the payments, it is literally just one integration to reach the world.”

Shopify, which also offers its own online payment method within its platform, will use 2Ceckout’s service in countries where Shopify Payments is not available—mostly emerging economies, the companies said.